Monday, June 3

Washer, dryer finally reunited in appliance heaven.

LEWIS CENTER, OH — Seth and Ginger McCormick recently bid adieu to the dryer that occupied their laundry room for eleven memorable, lint-filled years.

That dryer, a Kenmore 7.0 cubic feet electric front-loading model 61662, was preceded in death by its laundry cleansing partner, a matching Kenmore washer. The McCormicks purchased the pair at their local Sears department store over a decade ago.

"It was such an exciting time. Our first house ... our first laundry room!" Seth exclaimed.

Washer and dryer pairs are typically designed to last between 12-15 years.

"Like any old couple, the moment one goes, the next ain't far behind." said appliance repair specialist Mike Krzyzewski.  "Like Johnny Cash, and his wife, that June Something-Cash. She went first, and then, next thing you know ... bang! ... He's in the ground."

The demise of the crisp white Kenmore 2130 Top-Loading washer left the McCormicks saddened amidst piles of unwashed laundry.

Odd couple.
After a few trips to the laundromat, they broke down and bought a new washer.

"We picked up a brand new replacement LG, put it down next to our old, trusty dryer ... but something didn't feel right." Ginger confided. "They were mismatched in more ways than one."

Not soon after, the dryer's heating coil began to diminish.

"We'd have to run it two, three times to get stuff dry. It was sending us a message ... it was time to finally let go." Ginger tearfully recalled.

A brief eulogy was offered at the end of the McCormick's driveway.  By morning, the dryer was gone.

Now, the two are together again, blissfully losing socks in the home appliance afterlife.