Wednesday, November 11

Local blimp featured on blimp-cam.

COLUMBUS, OH - As the Columbia Gas® blimp made its way around Nationwide Arena last night during the Blue Jackets game, Paul Elo stood and waved enthusiastically to the camera attached to the blimp’s underside as it simultaneously cast his image onto the big screen above the scoreboard.

The crowd roared their approval thinking the 400 pound Elo, 42, was Kevin the “Dancing Fat Guy,” about to pull off his shirt, reveal some kind of body paint message and do a little dance to pump up the crowd, dignity be damned.

“No. No.” Elo said as he waved his arms back and forth to the driving beat of the music during a TV timeout. “I’m not the dancing fat guy. I’m Paul! I’ve actually … lost a little weight recently.”

The crowd grew impatient waiting for something to happen on-screen, a chorus of boos rained down.

“Take it off, Lard ass!” Someone screamed.

Luckily the puck was dropped, the action resumed and for most, all was forgotten.

In the third period a camera went back to Elo during the popular “Kiss-cam” segment. Alas, the woman pictured on screen with him was there with the guy to her left, slightly out of frame.