Monday, November 25

Rapper Lo-T not in the mood to "hit that."

TUSCALOOSA, AL — The 47-year old veteran rapper Lo-T admitted he was just 'not feeling it' after a recent concert in Tuscaloosa, Alabama last Sunday night—leaving 4 or 5 groupie bootys untapped.

"It's a real letdown, but he is old enough to be my dad." shrugged relatively new fan Shaniqua Robinson, 22.

"I'm just exhausted. It's all this touring. It really takes it outta me." T, grunted as he got up from a couch in his tour bus. "My back aches, my knees pop. Everything is falling apart."

T also copped to being more addicted to purple pillz than purple drank. "My GERD acts up real bad every night."

T admitted that he still loved the ladies, especially that Janet Evanovich, telling this reporter "That ho can spin a good yarn."

The clearly drained T retired to his bed carrying her latest novel, Twisted Twenty-Six.

"I hope my package from Roman comes soon, maybe that will help."